Exactly there.




Two words two lines

I’d have you for a story

Itwould be simple as of yesterday

Gifted as of today 

I’d have you for a lullaby 

A trail of your wispy tales 

Winding up beyond your juggling laughter 

I’d have you for a streaky little lie 

A heart and an empty mind 

Struck down by your struggling eyes. 

I’d have you around for a day, a month

Together in promise for a friend of a friend 

For my heart wanders at failure. 

I’d have you from the crisp, to the crunch 

For your eyes cuddles my sorrow 

My mind opens up to the hopes of the heart. 

I’d have you for against the odds, the stars, the million eyes

For with you I silence my pride. 

For with you I find my dreams each night 

I’d have you because I want to, I wish to yet

my selfish being gets stabbed again

For it has lost losing each day

I wish I hadn’t left you that cluttered thought

Maybe then I could’ve had you. 

I’d have you. You I’d have just for me. 

A friend. 



A Daughter Dream, Caroline Paul


A story without you is life beyond an expectation worth nothing to expect from.
A collective study turned you into a daughter, a sister, a mother figure and a wife that can never be contained by anybody.

Your mother’s eyes sparked of your innocence,
Voiced your histories of love and hard work worthy of a mountain full of praise.
She said, “ I love you ma”.

While Appa looked right at the sun,
And shouted with all the pride this era could withstand, “She is my daughter”.
His strength in his voice came from your growing spirituality, grace, enthusiasm, selflessness that you carve each day.

But then I just stood there, a sister, watching mum and dad take away all those words,
I looked at Rachel and we saw in each other’s eyes,
A stream that flowed for the special mother figure we got.
Nor one were we entitled to, but two.
Aren’t we the most fortunate ?
“Yes, we are”.
Thank you, Carol.

To wrap it up, a gift from the man who competed with dad for you,
His smile housed all of you,
Thank you for being the reason to his happiness,
He loves you, and will love you till and beyond every star this universe could possible imagine to have.

Thank you Caroline, for giving best a definition.

We are family

Your sister


Dearest of mine.


A fat crescent of a reflection
Buzzed with the toxins of passion
Groping in my world of fascinations
Sing my poem dear friend

Hunting myself in the baffled winds
Whom did I find ?
A voice slithered in “hush, you’re not alone”
My heart shifted to a whole new pump.

Seemingly senseless was every word uttered,
A state of bliss through your eyes each morn sited.
I lay my heart in the murk of another,
Through a course of your unread eyes, silence.

A four line harmony that resonated around you,
I sat looking into our future hue,
My dear friend laughed a question,
Which tore me, into a sharp edged prick, again.

I’m here again, writing about your existence,
Laughing at my answers with utmost persistence,
A friend sorrow and a new found gift to stay as a memory,
A soulful bliss posing with wizards of pain.

I wonder what I will be like,
I wondered and wandered through those years of mine,
Lighting my very own fire,
Shooting for the stars through the blinds of your hooded hate.
Oh my dearest, Friend.

It’s me                                                                            – [Sharon]


The Note.


Hand me this note when I turn against you,
For my mind shivers like a fearless loon,
Remind me of cremated remains that I burn each day,
That I may sweep those flummoxed promises away.

Hand me this note I say,
For each subtle sting of a word I obey,
Remind me of those reasons that forbid me to kill destiny,
That I may spend a sorry on a pity-full promise each day.

Hand me this note I say,
For every two winged creature that bound us to pull us apart,
Remind me of my dark, unacceptable scrolls of differences,
That I may scrutinise my wonderings of us as I lay.

Hand me this note I say,
For I tripped again and success went away with every quenching trial,
Remind me of those miseries I swallow each day,
That I may pull us apart to corners of the fading greys.

Hand me this note I say,
For I gave up my hope again,
Leave me because I have nothing to remember.
That I may realise it was all a play,
A barter for points, pointless treasuries,
Hand me this note so that I remember to confine myself and thoughts.
Hand it to me, will you ?

Forever bound to you


Dusky New Morn

Swirling in a room with the fairest of fair,
Empty like the emotion lost to an aggressive snare,
I kept a keen watch through those tinted windows,
Hoping to cross the pink hue clinging on a dusky eve.
Christmas wasn’t snow filled,
I stood there stuffing my thought in that secret sock,
Whispering into the smoke filled breeze.


I cuddled the cold, warmed those glass rims ,
Honestly thinking of the true meaning of life.
You, I obviously thought about twice,
Delicately comforting my memory with a word of spirit,
Christmas wasn’t decorated with lights,
I filled that card with a lifeless note of life.
Singing in chorus were the rumbling wheels.


Wrapping up every chord that struck me with a sizzle of joy,
It’s for sure how I’ve grown to be so different,
Yet indifferently seeking the same hold of every being,
A humanistic bump taught me to mellow down the anger.
Christmas wasn’t a moonlight night sky,
I sat there hoping to be with a gift, just stared.
The warmth the cold was supposed to bring was lost between the red and green.


A Christmas that passed,
A musical Thanksgiving,
A bit of a mess up to be put into a rhyme,
I soulfully sit cross in a bulb-lit night sky,
Awaiting for a new day, a new idea, a new story.
Let’s hope I hop over all that suppression,
Let’s hope to love love again,
I’d be sorry if it happened again,
Let’s wrap for this year and gift it to the next.
Hey !




The Twenty Third.

CF0EB719-223E-4B41-BC8E-5E20C9CA6644.jpegTipsy twirly fragmented illustration of a memory to never be enough of,
My steps drew back as you looked at me goodbye,
Those tears crawled into their blankets of love,
The warmth in the air grew cold and dry,
It is an adventure yet to be relived.

We hustled across like flightless Emus’,
Yet of course with a fearless course of laughter,
Had we lost our minds ? Trust was to be accused,
We shivered through the crystal cold unknowing what lies in the after.

I walked my way up into the whites and unfinished puzzles,
The blimey sear on the meat stood in contrast to springy swirly spaghetti,
On the table with the best of friends,
There was love, laughter, life ; A time of timelessness, a phase of happy.

We dragged ourself against the rain,
My wings of freedom didn’t fumble, not once,
The smell of the moody mud, the warmth of the Brother, Love was seeded again.
Mesmerising memories to keep you up for months.

I stood there against the gold of the sky,
With nothing but a choice to make,
Do I welcome that old goodbye,
Do I thrive on to a memory for old times sake,
Or pick a choice of being loved forever ?

My heart has chosen, a beginning to a whole new adventure,
No more stagnant waters that breed pain,
Thank you for lending me time,
Thank you for such a wonderful trip.

In a Memory Forever


Parallel Memories


All they need is a delusion of Yes’s,
You portray life to be the greatest master of disguise,
Silenced by an act of infamy that you dressed yourself in,
Composed a tune that dragged us into a world of timelessness.

We walked our way into a world of beyond borders,
We crossed those silver linings into the cloudy mist,
We stand there unknowingly lost in the starlit day,
You and I became victims of the rainbows dark.

I saw you revolve around my stale stagnant life,
You showed me a stellar opera of my bound wishes,
You persuaded me to lock myself at the cost of an endless story,
You held me up to hear my imperfections being reasoned out and away.

A drop of light stirred our relation,
You kissed my eyes to reach out to that drop,
I lost you to a memory of a memory,
I thought you were real,
Pity was the least for the thought.

You were a victim of a dream,
but of course the dream itself was you.

Dreaming Forever


Scandalous Trajectory.


Under the impressions of a fresh ending,
Along the foot steps of the other,
I carved a life out of air,
I thought that’s all I needed.

I was frozen in denial,
But you were walking scepticism,
I trolled my life upon three words,
I thought that’s all I needed.

Security is what the eyes looked for,
Scrutiny was under every blink of a second
Subtle stings where all it was,
I thought that’s all I deserved.

I stumbled ! How could I stumble ?
I fumbled ! How could I fumble ?
I gave up ! How could I give up ?
How could I have thought I deserved more ?

Hiding behind the words between lines,
Amongst the goodness and all of those fines,
I’m looking for a lost lurking light,
I thought it out.

My whole world went bonkers,
All I heard was an exhale of a breath,
My hungry heart huddled for warmth,
I thought I was right.

They said words are powerful,
But who knew a wisp of air miles away could draw the life off me ?
The veracity in those words shook nights,
Heavens! What was I thinking ?

Cheers to yesterday’s memory that made it to today’s history.

Let’s try and turn back time, shall we ?

Lost Forever


Hear me out.

There’s someone listening always,
Long before we part ways,
Tarnished memories of days.

While darkness became my best friend, Cryptic chaotic cries crawled at every end,
Secretly scratched miseries along every bend.

Don’t utter a word he said,
Don’t flutter the truth she yelled,
Learn to suppress emotions instead.

Carry the gift of pain at all times,
It’s your present cheaper than a dime,
A very filtered choice of crime.

Drowning into each other’s eyes,
To drowning into memories, time flies,
Trained to live on cloudy crease.

A soft whisper sneaking in, I’m listening,
To a loud rascal astray, I’m leaving,
We’ve all been there, happily crying.

To the countless novels of happiness,
To a confined question of contentedness,
To being wrapped and lost in loneliness.

The white scars on the ivory silhouette,
The adventure with a thin, light delineate,
I did try, but I was left unfortunate.

Nights present itself as a brutal storm,
I should’ve asked if we were strong,
A conversation unwillingly to protract.

The heart wasn’t mine,
It was borrowed for someone next in line,
Despite this, who considered me worthy of time ?
Who read about the heart of mine ?

Who is always listening ?
Is it you ?

Forever awaiting.

The Pride of the Father.


The proclamation of 0/0/0
Adam and Eve came as children first,
Consideration of Humans is mandatory.
Most prized creation,
Handled with utmost care.
He loved them like no other,
He blessed them with rains of happiness,
He prided himself as the Father.

Major contrasts of life…
With all the mother and her pain,
Forgotten was the father and his heart.
Physically apart,
but always followed the name.
Comforted within the warmth of the mother,
The Father stood firm against the cold storm around her.
Over all the tears of the mother covering the burns of the world,
The Father shipped us across to happiness.
The mother brought in joy,
While the Father consumed the pain for it.
But he takes pride in his pain, as it’s love that makes him do it.

Surely, does he have the tantrums of his own,
Surely, does the mother put up with him first,
Surely, does he have a trillion dislikes
Surely, does he wear the crown of TV authority,
But that doesn’t make him less of a dad !

In all of that motherhood,
There stood strong, a fatherhood.
The pride of the father lies in the hands of his child,
But sure does the world know, I take pride in my Father.
Love you pa ♥️

Forever Daddy’s little daughter